A faded image of a mother hugging two racially diverse children while they are both smiling. There is a white caption with thin white lines above and below it that say: " Adoption Myths"

Adoption Myths

Adoption is often shrouded in misunderstanding and misconceptions which result in myths surrounding it. While these myths can be understandable, they are, in fact, untrue.

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An image of a mother holding her child while the child sleeps with the larger caption in white that says: "How Much Is A Person Worth?"

How Much Is a Person Worth?

Do you know how much you’re worth? Not according to your friends or loved ones, but to the rest of the world. How much is a person worth? What kind or amount of currency would society place on a scale alongside you and think, that’s a fair trade?

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Photo of packaged baby quilt

Happy Baby Quilt Kit

Want to support life and get a great gift at the same time? Click the button below to support Focus on the Family and get your free Happy Baby Quilt Kit! The kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful quilt and celebrate the joy of life.

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